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About me


I'm David, a 22 year old computer engineer. I'm currently working as a SAP consultant at Hiberus for Schindler and I'm studying a master's degree in Web Engineering at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid .

Since I was a kid I like everything related with technology, so when I had to choose what to study I had it very clear. When you like technology, is anything better than to start creating that technology yourself?

You can download my CV below!

My favorite projects


The final project of the mobile applications subject was to create a chat app with some basic functions for the user.

It was done by using firebase for the authentication and firebase realtime for the database.

The user is able to start a new conversation with another user of the app, he is also able to create a group and add participants.

Mockup of LitChat app

Proxmox server

Proxmox is an open source server management platform for virtualization. It integrates the KVM hypervisor and Linux Containers.

I chose this OS because of the ability to use the LXC (linux containers) which allows you to save a lot of space and resources if you want to have one different virtualization for every functionality.

When I created the server I had no way of connecting to it when I was on a different network, so I created two VPNs. One works with the default configuration of OpenVPN (port 1194 UDP) and the other one works with a custom configuration to avoid being blocked in some restricted networks (port 443 TCP).

I also created a container where I have PI-Hole, which allows me to block the addresses I don't want my computer connects to (it is basically a DNS blocker).

Finally my last favorite container is Nextcloud, which is a private cloud (similar to OneDrive, Google Drive, ...).

Mockup of Proxmox server

DYMA cinema

When I first started to create this app I knew nothing about Kotlin or graphical interfaces for mobile applications, but having to research that much to do this application made me to learn a lot about android app development.

The app works by connecting to a server which has an API of a database with a lot of movies with a lot of information information such as actors, genres, description, ... but the posters come from OMDb API.

The user can see a film and its information, search for a specific movie, update scrolling down to see more movies, editing the information of a movie and creating a new movie with all its information.

Mockup of DYMA cinema

My hobbies

I really enjoy discovering new technologies and learning how to use them, but in some of my free time I also like to go out and do some sport.

I decided to build my own home server with Proxmox. I currently have two VPNs, one that works with UDP and another one with TCP (in case a network just have HTTPS port enabled).

In my third year of college I had my first subject oriented to web, and I loved it. Designing webs is one of the fields of computer science where you can use your creativity and skills.

Mobile applications was a subject in which I had to do two projects with which I learned plenty of things that made me enjoy developing apps.

In my spare time, I boulder because it helps me to take my mind off everyday life.